Patient Handover

A patient will have one handover note that is shown to all groups. This ensures all teams have the most recently updated version and when a patient is moved between teams the handover will be moved with them. 

The handover note appears on the patient handover list and on the patient’s dashboard. If a team member adds or edits a patient’s handover, it will be recorded against that team but view-able to everyone else.


  • Navigate to a team
  • Select Handover to view the current handover for all patients on the team’s patient list
  • Select a patient to view their handover history or to add/edit the handover


  • Press the Action button
  • Select Start handover.
  • Select a Patient.
  • Select a Group.
  • Complete / edit the SBAR details.
  • Select Done.   
  • Navigate to Patients
  • Select a Team
  • Select Handovers to view all the team's patient handover notes
  • Select a patient to edit/add a handover note
  • N.B Handover history is not available on Android. 

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