Upgrading you CareFlow Connect account

Careflow Account Upgrade

What are we doing?

We will be asking CareFlow Connect members to upgrade their accounts.

Why are we doing this?

The service we use to authenticate users is being deprecated by Microsoft in November this year, we therefore need to upgrade all user accounts to a System C Alliance account.

What will users experience?

When we do the release on 17th September 2018 we will be asking all users to upgrade their CareFlow accounts when they sign into the CareFlow Connect website http://secure.careflowapp.com.

Users will be asked to choose a new password and they must confirm their account by clicking the link in the confirmation email sent to their email inbox before they can continue using CareFlow Connect.  As this process locks the users out of CareFlow Connect until they locate the email and click the link to confirm their email address, the users are given the option to skip the process until the cut-off date 22nd October 2018.  

N.B. New CareFlow Connect registrations will not need to upgrade. 

After signing into the website users will be presented with the following screen:

Before Upgrading

Users MUST ensure they have access to the email account they have registered with CareFlow Connect.  If not, they will not be able to access the confirmation email when upgrading their account and will therefore lose their access to the CareFlow Connect applications. 

What could go wrong and how to resolve the issues

No access to email inbox

To complete the upgrade process users are sent an email to confirm they have access to that email address. Until the user clicks the link within the email, they are not able to access the CareFlow Connect applications (web and mobile apps). If a user cannot access their email inbox, they will not be able to complete the upgrade process.

Solution: Before upgrading, the user can update their email address via their account settings on the CareFlow Connect web application.  Having updated their registered email address, they can successfully follow the steps to upgrade their account.

Unable to access confirmation email having started the upgrade

A user has started the upgrade process and is unable to access the email inbox that the confirmation email has been sent to.

Solution: If they have already started the upgrade process and are unable to access the confirmation email due to it being sent to an invalid / inaccessible email account, they will need to be re-invited to a valid email address and register a new account.

No email received to confirm account

If a user starts the upgrade process but does not receive the confirmation email, they cannot complete the upgrade and therefore can’t access CareFlow applications.

Solution: If a user does not receive the email to confirm their account upgrade, they can opt to reset their password via the CareFlow Connect website, this will resend the confirmation email in order to complete the upgrade process. 

Unable to log into CareFlow Connect

If a user reports that they are unable to log in to CareFlow, the cause could be due to having not confirmed their email address when upgrading their account.  The user will need to navigate to the CareFlow Connect log in page and click on “Forgotten your password?” Here they can enter their registered email address and click on send, this will fire off a new confirmation email.  They will need to click on the “Get Started” link within the email before they can log in. 

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