Mobile Alerts

Careflow alerts are designed to allow a Trust to securely and instantly connect its care teams to any of the operational or critical care alerts they need, to provide great patient care swiftly and efficiently. For example, the availability of lab results, x-rays and medications, detection of worsening conditions such as sepsis, Acute Kidney Injury or fluid balance, (re-)admission of selected patients, and operational alerts such as bed capacity. Notify allows care teams to follow selected patients and types of alerts.

Alerts are organised for viewing by delivery to a chronologically organised feed. When an alert is received the care team can instantly comment and share thoughts on the alert, and collaborate to determine and perform the required action. Careflow Connect further augments clinical decision-making by making available other alerts related to a patient even if not specifically selected in advance.

For further information, please visit the Careflow Connect Ltd website.

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