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The Android App named Careflow enables instant access to your feed and messages from Careflow, the secure networking platform for healthcare. You will no longer need to sign in to read your messages and view your network and group activity, instead this app will provide you with instant access on the move.

This app is secure and compliant for healthcare and does not store any of your messages, conversations or files on your device. All content is deleted each time you leave the app.

App users can:
  • Access their feed
  • Filter the feed by group / network and unread items
  • View and comment on conversations, files and calendar events
  • Start and respond to private messages
  • Upload pictures
  • Click links and phone numbers in messages
  • Receive push notifications
  • View Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Acceptable Use Policy
  • Send feedback to the Careflow team & access the support site
If your organisation has synced patients using the Careflow patient sync, the following features will also be available: 
  • Receive clinical and operational alerts 
  • Comment on and view other comments on alerts
  • Create subscriptions and receive push notifications about patient results or operational alerts based on clinician, sites and topics
  • Start, accept and decline referrals
  • Start and respond to patient conversations
  • Add patient handover notes
  • View a patients dashboard including conversations and alerts
  • Create a patient list 

App users must:

Create a 4 digit code to enter each time the app is opened.

To download the App click on the following link:

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