Subscribe to an Events feed

Subscribing to a network or group calendar allows you to download the calendar and view it in your Google, Outlook or iCal calendars.

On every group or network homepage, you will see a link to add the events to your own calendar.

From here you can choose to subscribe to the calendar:

Within the calendar the only details shown will be the event title, date/time and location.  There will be a link to the event details which will require you to sign in, in order to view it. 

How to subscribe to an Events feed using a non default calendar:

If you want to subscribe to a calendar which is not set as your default, you may need to use a URL link.  This can be found by right clicking on the 'subscribe to this calendar' button and selecting 'copy link location'.  You can use this link to insert into your calendar and subscribe to the event feed. 

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