Users are able to view events that they have been invited to or have been posted within any of their networks and groups. They are also able to confirm or decline attendance as well as post comments about a particular event on the event wall.

Every member is able to create an event within their network or groups.

Email notifications are sent to all the network/group members when the event is created and notifications are sent if the event is subsequently updated or cancelled.

Members can choose to mark themselves as attending or not attending and this is recorded on the event detail page.

How do I access & confirm or decline my attendance for upcoming events and invitations?
How do I create a network event?
How do I create a group event?
How do I edit an event?
How do I cancel an event?

N.B. If a group event has been created before you joined the group, it will not appear under your Events tab.  Therefore you will need to access the event via the group homepage.  To to do this, go to the group homepage and select Events from the side menu:

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