Create new group (web only)

Groups can only be created by Network Administrators, if you would like to create one, please contact your Network Administrator who will be displayed on your Network homepage or contact Careflow Support with the following details: 

  • The name of the network the group should be created in
  • A group name eg. K&C - ITU
  • A description of the group
  • Membership policy: Either open which will allow other members of the network to join the group without group administrator approval, or closed which means members either need to be invited to the group by the group administrator or, they have can request to join the group and be approved before they can access it. 

The instructions below on how to create a group are only relevant to Network Administrators.  

  • Sign in to Careflow
  • Within the Groups tab click Create a group.

  • Enter a Group name and description which will appear on the group homepage.
  • Select which network the group should be in?
  • Decide on the group Membership policy: 

Membership policy

 Allow members to join without group administrator approval

This allows organisation members to join without delay.

Email settings

Emails will be sent to group members when new conversations, documents, events or comments are added.

Include a copy of the content in emails.
Only include content in emails if your group will NOT be discussing sensitive information.

  • Select Create Group        

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