You can message anyone within your network, whether it's a single recipient, multiple recipients or an entire group.  

Careflow Connect enables network groups to be used as an intelligent distribution list so that a member within the network can send a secure private message to a whole group.


  • Select the Messages tab.
  • Click on Send a secure message.
  • Search the directory or Select a group
  • Once individuals / groups have been
  • selected, click Write message to return to message screen.
  • Send message.

  • Navigate to the Messages tab.
  • Click on the + symbol in the top right of the screen to starta new message.
  • Add recipients by searching the relevant network directory.
  • Filter by name or specialty if required
  • Select one or multiple individuals from the recipient list and write message.
  • Send message.
The message itself is sent via the Web and Smartphone and a notification will be sent via an email and push notification.

Messages can be sent to between 2 & 50 members or a whole group.  When sent to the same group of people, they will become part of an ongoing conversation.    

Read Receipt

  • Tap on a message within the App to see who has read the message and at what time.    

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