Invite users to a group

Any group member can invite other people to join a group by either selecting them from the list of eligible members, or by sending an email invite for a brand new user to join Careflow who will then  need to follow the appropriate membership route.

  • Sign in to Careflow
  • Navigate to the Groups tab.
  • Click on the Group to which you would like to invite members.
  • Click on 'Invite people to this group'.
You have the option to:

1. Invite people by email address (group admin / network admin only)– this gives you the option to copy and paste email addresses into the box provided, type addresses manually and     separate with commas or import contacts from your email account.  You can add a personal message and click ‘Send Invite’.

2. Find people on Careflow to invite – this gives you the option to search or browse for people already on Careflow within your network(s).  You can use the filter to break this down by profession, specialty and so on.  Select the recipients, add a personal message and click on ‘Send Invite’

Once you have sent the initial email invitation, if the recipient doesn't accept the invitation they will be sent an invitation email reminder:

  • 1 week later
  • 2 weeks later
  • 4 weeks later (final invitation)

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