Careflow Alert Features

Careflow Connect Alerts are implemented as an add-on to Careflow Connect. Features include:

Alert Summary Feed

A separate alert feed is provided in addition to the main content feed from Careflow. The alert feed presents a chronologically ordered list of received alerts summarising the alert topic, alert subject and patient name when applicable to an alert. Visual cues indicate whether an alert is unread and how many comments have been made by recipients of the alert.

Alert Detail Feed

Tapping an alert in the alert summary feed provides access to another feed containing the detailed contents of that specific alert. From the detail feed, comments on the alert can be made and viewed.

When an alert concerns an individual patient, all other alerts published by the Trust for that patient against any alert topic are also provided – regardless of whether they are explicitly subscribed to. This means a clinician can get the broadest understanding of critical events occurring with their patient. 


A push notification is sent to an alert subscriber when a new alert is published and available for viewing.

Seen by

From the Alert Detail Feed, subscribers can see who else viewed the alert.


From the Alert Detail Feed, subscribers can add comments such as requests for advice, confirming actions required or decisions made.

My Alerts

Subscribers are presented with a list of alert topics provided by their Trust from which they choose to subscribe to or unsubscribe from.

Duty Status

A subscriber can choose to go 'Off duty' which stops alert push notifications being sent to their smartphone. However, even when “off duty”, alerts remain accessible by the subscriber in their alert feed.

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