How do I receive alerts?

In order to receive alerts you will first need access to the Careflow App

iOS App (iPhone/iPad) 
Android App

You will then need to create your alert subscriptions:
  • Sign into the App
  • Select the Alerts tab
  • Select Manage

  • Select New
  • Choose a patient population, then click back (patient populations are dependent on the set up of your trust and may not be available to all users in which case only topics will be available for selection)

  • Subscribers are presented with a list of alert topics provided by their Trust from which they choose to subscribe to or unsubscribe from
  • Select the topics you wish to subscribe to by selecting the relevant tick box, then click back 

  • Select Save subscription
  • Having saved your subscription, you may want to choose a colour to differentiate it from other subscriptions in your feed.

  • Now you have subscribed to a topic, any subsequent alerts will be displayed in the Alert feed

The alert feed holds all alerts published while a user is subscribing to an alert topic. This means:

  • Alerts published before a user starts subscribing will not appear in the user’s feed.
  • Alerts received while a user is subscribing remain in the feed even after they stop subscribing.
  • Alerts published in the period between a user un-subscribing and then re-subscribing will not appear in the feed.

Receiving push notifications for alerts

A push notification is sent to an alert subscriber when a new alert is published and available for viewing.  A subscriber can choose to go 'Off duty' which stops alert push notifications being sent to their smartphone. However, even when “off duty”, alerts remain accessible to the subscriber in their alert feed.
  • Sign in to the App
  • Navigate to the Home page
  • Select on / off duty

Off duty - the header bar will go red, you will have access to alerts but will not receive a notification.
On duty - the header will go blue, you will receive push notifications for new alerts  

Viewing Alerts

To view an alert, sign into the app and click on Alerts

The alert feed presents a chronologically ordered list of received alerts summarising the alert topic, alert subject and patient name when applicable to an alert. Visual cues indicate whether an alert is unread and how many comments have been made by recipients of the alert.

To view the full details of an alert, click on the alert summary.  Subscribers can:
  • see who else viewed the alert
  • add comments such as requests for advice, confirming actions required or decisions made

All Alerts published for that patient

Click on the Patient Banner to scroll through ALL alerts published for that patient even for alert topics to which the user has NOT previously subscribed. This provides the clinician with a more complete view of the critical events relevant to that patient and published through Notify. 

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