View an alert on Android

The Alert feed displays Alerts in chronological order, with the latest received at the top, summarising the Alert topic, Alert subject and patient name when applicable. Visual cues indicate whether an alert is unread and how many comments have been made by recipients of the alert.

 To view the full details of an Alert, click on the Alert summary.

Patient Actions

Patient Actions

Click on the Patient Banner to access the optional patient actions:  

  • View the subscription that triggered this alert
  • Show all updates for this patient – including cross team referrals, patient conversations and clinical alerts
  • Start a referral
  • Start a conversation
  • View this patient dashboard
  • This view provides clinicians with a more complete view of the critical events relevant to a particular patient, published through Careflow.  

Non-subscribed Alerts

  •  An organisation has the ability to send an alert to you, even if you have not set up a subscription to that type of alert. These alerts will appear in your feed as normal.

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