Patient list

When synchronised with your organisations PAS System, you are able to create Patient Lists within your teams.  

Your patient list is able to show the bay and bed numbers of patients.  It is sorted by patient location as default.  

Manually add patients to your list (web): 

  • Go into your group
  • Click on Patient List
  • Click on Add patients to the list
  • Search for and select the relevant patients
  • Click on Add Patient to List

Smart List: 

Smart lists allow you to choose which patients are automatically added to the group's patient list.

E.g. All patients under Dr Smith at the General Hospital.

  • Go in to the appropriate group
  • Select Patient List from the group navigation
  • Select Manage smart list
  • Choose which patients are automatically added to the group's list
  • Save changes

N.B: On the web version there is the ability to print the patient list. 

Add / Remove patients to/from a patient list (App):

  • Navigate to Patients
  • Search for and select a patient
  • Navigate to Manage Lists
  • Select / De-select the appropriate box adjacent to the Group. 

To remove a patient from the list (Web)

  • Click on Patients from the side menu
  • Click on the name of the patient to be removed
  • Under Patient actions, select Remove this patient from the group list

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