Referrals - Refer a patient

(This functionality will need to be enabled for your network and is dependent on the settings of the group).  

By starting a referral, you can have a conversation across two specialty groups about a patient, making the process transparent and the status of the referral available for all your colleagues to see.


  • Go into your group
  • Click on Search for a patient
  • Browse Patients by Name, Number, Clinician or Area
  • Select the tick box adjacent to the patient’s name.
  • Click on Refer a patient
  • Complete the form and click on Send this referral
  • This sends the referral to the other specialty team and also posts a copy to your group’s feed
  • Referral decision pending will be displayed.


  • Press the Action button (+)
  • Select Start a referral
  • Select a Patient
  • Select which Group you are referring the patient from
  • Select which Group you are referring the patient to
  • Complete the SBAR details
  • Select Send

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