Careflow Connect allows you to join or create separate groups within your network so that you can collaborate privately, as a team or community. Groups enable you to have team conversations, share files and images, organise calendars and even manage patient lists and referrals.

Groups are an ideal way to share information about patients within your team and ensure continuous, transparent handover.

Conversations, events, messages and files shared within the group, will only be visible to members who have been invited or accepted into the group. However, if an item has been given a patient identifier which is associated with a patient record, this content will be visible to other network members with the appropriate role.
  • Once set up, invite members to join your group by clicking on Invite people to this group.
  • You can appoint additional group administrators and review requests from members who wish to join the group.
  • If your organisation has integrated Careflow Connect with its patient system, you will have the ability to tag patients in group conversations.
Create a Group (web only)

N.B: Groups can only be created by Network Admins, if you would like to create one please contact your Network Administrator.  
  • Within the Groups tab click Create a group.
  • Enter a Group name and description which will appear on group homepage.
  • Select which network the group is in?
  • Create group.
Join a Group (web only)
  • Groups you can join are displayed within the Groups tab under the title Groups you can join.
  • Select the Group you would like to join to reveal a description of the Group.
  • Click on Join.
  • A request will be sent to the group administrator.
  • If your request is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email and welcome message.
  • A group administrator can invite members to join their group, in which case users will receive an email notification containing a link to accept the invitation and join.

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