Patient Handover

Each group can add a handover note for each patient on their list.  This handover note can be updated at any time, by any members of the group.  A patient will have one handover note that is shown to all groups. This ensures all teams have the most recently updated version and when a patient is moved between teams the handover will be moved with them. When you update a handover it will be updated for all the teams in the organisation.

The handover note will appear on the patient list and on the patient’s summary feed that contains all the conversations and alerts about them.


  • Select Handover from the group navigation.
  • The current handover for each patient will be displayed. 
  • Select a patient from the patient list.
  • To create a new handover, enter the handover details.
  • To view the previous handover entries, select Handover history

  • Navigate to a team
  • Select Handover to view the current handover for all patients on the team’s patient list
  • Select a patient to view their handover history or to add/edit the handover
  • Press the Action button 
  • Select Start handover.
  • Select a Patient.
  • Select a Group.
  • Complete / edit the SBAR details.
  • Select Done.

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