Patient handover tags (Web)

Making tags available in a group

Groups are able to select the tags that should be available for their group from the master list of tags. Having a master list of tags allows for consistency across teams and ultimately across organisations. In future, we will be able to map tags to an appropriate recognised list (SNOMED / ICD-10 etc).

A group member is able to visit the group’s ‘Tags’ page where they can enable/disable tags for all users in the group.

  • From the group homepage, select Tags from the side menu

Adding a tag to a patient

  • When viewing a patient’s feed, patient list or handover list users will be able to edit the tags for a patient
  • Select the blue pencil adjacent to the appropriate patient
  • A modal window will appear with the available tags and a tag can be selected by checking the relevant boxes. 
NB When we are working on the UI we might be able to use a type ahead style interaction directly on the list/record similarly to the filters. However, the lists html structure is relatively complex and this might not be possible to achieve especially in legacy browsers.

Viewing tags

When a tag is shown we will show the number of days since it was added to give the tag more context. This has been done to help with patient safety concerns about showing out of date tags that may cause confusion. When a patient is removed from a list we will not delete tags, they will remain on the patient’s record as an active tag. If the patient is added to a list in the future this tag will be shown until it is removed by a team member.

Viewing tags on patient/handover lists

On the group patient and handover list we will only show the active tags applied by that group.

On the patient feed we will show the active tags from all teams in the organisation. Content from all groups is shown in the feed so it makes sense to show all tags for the patient. We will show the tag name and when the user hovers over the tag the group name and user will be shown.

Removing a tag

Whenever a tag is shown in the User Interface (UI) there will always be a mechanism to remove it. The modal window we use to add tags is also an edit facility so tags can be added and removed here.

When a tag is ‘removed’ it remains part of the patient’s record, it is only removed from the UI. The user will be asked for a reason when a tag is removed. This can be chosen from a predefined list or free text can be added.

Filtering by tags on the patient / handover lists

The tags will be available for filtering as the locations and clinicians are now. The user will be able to select ‘Dr Smith’ and ‘Ready for surgery’ and get the patients that fit these criteria.

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