Missing patient / add a patient

(This feature will need to be enabled for your network, if it not available and you would like to start adding patients to your network please contact your network administrator or support@careflowconnect.com )  

Patient information is pulled directly from your organisations patient information system. If the patient you are searching for is not being listed, we suggest you double-check the spelling of the name or try searching for the patient name by entering the first few letters and their DOB. You can also search for a patient by their NHS number, Clinician or Area.  

If a patient has not yet been synchronised from your patient record system and therefore can't be found on Careflow, you can now manually add them. This ensures the newly created patient can be used for patient identified conversations, referrals, handover, team lists etc. If an NHS number has been provided, the patient record will be merged with any subsequent patient received by your patient records system.

It is important to note that once a patient has been added it can’t be removed or updated without intervention from the Careflow support team. Therefore, extra care should be taken when adding patients to get the details and identifiers correct.

How to add a patient: 

If a patient cannot be found on Careflow, choose the ‘Add a new patient’ button on the patient search screen.

You will be asked for basic demographic data and optionally an NHS number. Once this has been supplied, we will create a communication record and you can start to collaborate and manage this patient within Careflow.

Providing an NHS number helps merge patient records. If you do not have an NHS number the new patient record will not be synchronised with the record in your main system.

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